Aspects of tokenization

Tokenization encompasses many aspects. These include, tokenization on non fungible assets (NFT), security assets or payment tokenization. This is how it works on a credit card transaction:
✅Costumers payment details are substituted with a random token.
✅The token is encrypted. The original credit card info is securely stored in the payment gateway’s “token” vault. This is the only component that knows the payment data of that token.
✅The token is sent to the merchants provider who encrypted it again and send it for verification across the card or ACH networks.
✅If It’s authorized, confirmation of the sale is sent through the card or ACH networks to all parties involved.
🏅In this way, banking and personal data are kept safe from criminals.
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Highlights of Zeniq:
• It has got its own Blockchain (Zeniq Blockchain)
• Zeniq Exchange will be live tentatively by the end of 2022
• Zeniq Swap (DEX) coming in few weeks (like Pancakeswap, Uniswap etc)• Zeniq Smart Chain (like Binance Smart Chain)• Zeniq Debit Card will be available before the end of 2021
• Staking will be available from Q1 of 2022
• 2 Big Tokenisation Projects (Tupan & Avinoc) kicking off in couple of months
• Partnership with Coinway World: Withdraw money from ATM, Shop & Pay with Zeniq Coins (Austria)

Strategic Partners
– Royal family of Dubai, OCS Bank, Coinway World. What’s there for Customers: 👇🏼
• Long term project
• Mint Zeniq coins daily
• Hold the coin and benefit from the Price appreciation of coin
• Profit sharing from Zeniq Exchange fees (Zeniq Coin Holders)
• Will be able to shop and pay through Zeniq coin (subject to each country’s regulations)
• Zeniq Debit card – Withdraw money from Crypto ATMs
• Participate in Staking of different coins and earn fixed % depending on the tenure of staking
• Transfer money anywhere in the world with less tx fee (upcoming feature)
• Transfer Crypto and receive in Fiat (Upcoming feature)
• Benefit from the Compensation Plan if you invite someone and they decide to buy products of ZeniqWhat’s there for

Promoters: 👇🏼All of the above + Lucrative Compensations Plan

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