The outstanding advantages of ZeniQ Coin

The outstanding advantages of ZeniQ Coin
+ is a Fintech platform between ZeniQ Group and OCS Bank. Both are based in Dubai.
+ Has its own Blockchain and can be cross-traded with other Blockchain platforms
+ Transaction speed of 50,000 orders / 1 second (Tron 2000 orders and Binance 10,000)
+ Extremely low transaction fee, average 0.01%/order
+ There is a decentralized ZeniQ exchange
+ Can be freely traded on Uniswap and pancakeswap exchanges
+ ZeniQ wallet
+ ZeniQ paid app And forms of commercial payment linkages about the virtual world and the real world
+ Coins are only issued 1% of the total 600 million coins
+ 99% of investors own the casting machine, the core is mined for 20 years
Current average return is 10-25% per month excluding growth coin value

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