Secure your future with a smart minting contract

Right NOW it’s ALL about YOU.
Secure your future with a smart minting contract, a savings plan with real passive income for 10 years.
CNexchange brings you the QCXP-Minting contract: It is the latest innovation and differs from all savings plans that you have known so far:
With the Minting Contract, you have the opportunity to earn 14% -18% Rewards per year for 20 months.
And with every Minting Contract comes an equivalent Virtual Minter, with which you can earn up to 25% additional rewards every year for the next 10 years.
Watch the video on youtube now and ‚build‘ your personal success story today!
The Minting Contract is available exclusively and only by personal invitation. Talk to the person who made you aware of this opportunity.

Start with registering on Eazme here:

Login to Eazme…
In Eazme you can order/shop a minting contract.
Click on the picture of the CNExchange platform and click then on „Shop now“
Register at the CNExchange platform with the same data (same mail address) you have used with Eazme. Then the two platforms remain connected to each other.

On the menu click on „Minting contract“- Buy your minting contract when the necessary money (currencies, USDT and QCX tokens) are ready for payment.

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